Upcoming Wheeler, Collingsworth, Hall, and Childress County Town Halls

November 29, 2021


DATE: November 16, 2021

CONTACT: Synda Foreman, District Coordinator

EMAIL: Kingfortx@gmail.com

PHONE: 806-323-3080

On Wednesday, December 1, 2021, Representative Ken King will be touring a segment of House District 88 to discuss the 87th Regular Legislative Session as well as the Special Sessions that followed.

King will be at the following locations:

Wheeler County Court House
401 Main Street

Collingsworth County Court House-2nd Floor Court Room
800 West Ave
Wellington, TX

501 Winery
109 Ave E NW
Childress, TX

Memphis Community Center
721 West Robertson St
Memphis, TX

Rep. King will give a quick overview of the session and then solicit feedback from constituents on issues
of vital importance to them and their communities.

“The input and ideas I receive from these meetings help me effectively represent and advocate for my
constituents in the Texas House.” King said.

All local safety guidelines will be observed during these meetings.