Second Amendment

During the last session, Ken King advanced our gun rights by slashing the license-to-carry fee. He’s earned an ‘A’ rating and endorsement from the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association, and you can be sure he’ll always continue to be a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights.



Ken & Robin KingEndorsed by Texas Alliance for Life and Life PAC for his strong support of unborn children, Ken has helped passed some of the most comprehensive pro-life measures in the country, including a ban on partial birth abortions. But now dedicated pro-life conservatives like Ken are battling liberal federal judges who are trying to halt our pro-life progress. You can be sure that, as long as Ken is our representative, he will work to promote our conservative, pro-life values.


Protecting our Rural Schools

A former Canadian ISD School Board President and current Chairman of the House Public Education Subcommittee on Teacher Quality, Ken is widely considered to be one of Texas’ top education leaders – working to properly fund our local schools, provide the best classroom resources, take care of our current and retired teachers, and ensure our kids receive a quality education. Ken believes we must level the playing field for our small, rural schools—that’s why he led the effort to provide property tax relief by getting more state assistance for them. And he showed his commitment to Texas students by providing an additional $1.5 billion in education funding.



Ken & Robin KingKen King knows that the farmers and ranchers of the Panhandle and the South Plains are cornerstones of the Texas economy. He will always work to make sure they have access to the resources they need to ensure that their success continues.


Border Security/Immigration

Ken recently passed legislation to put 250 more state troopers on the border—and to use new, high-tech methods to stop illegal immigration and terrorists. He also passed a bill that would stop so-called “sanctuary cities” from harboring illegal immigrant criminals, and allow Texas law enforcement officials to stop those who break our immigration laws. He will always support border security measures that make our families safer.


Balanced Budget

Ken & Robin KingKen helped pass a balanced budget that cut spending by two hundred million dollars—without raising taxes. You can be sure his efforts to keep government—and taxes—small will continue.



Ken believes the best way to keep our economy strong in the Panhandle and South Plains is by keeping state government small and efficient. That’s why cut taxes by $5 billion.


Property Taxes

Ken voted to give Texas homeowners the power to veto big property tax increases by election—and to give taxpayers more power to challenge appraisal boards. This initiative got hung up in the Senate, but you can be sure Ken will redouble his efforts to provide our families with the property tax relief they need.


Religious Freedom

Ken King voted to defend our religious freedom, including a bill that protects pastors who refuse to perform same-sex marriage. He will always be a staunch defender of our religious rights.


Small Business/Job Creation

A business owner himself, Ken knows that small businesses are the heart of our economy in the Panhandle and South Plains. Austin bureaucrats seem intent on generating regulations and red tape that make it tough for us to launch new businesses, but you can be sure Ken will keep working to eliminate them.

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