Job Creation

Ken King is focused 100% on creating jobs in the Panhandle and South Plains. As a business owner, who started his career as an oil field mechanic and has worked hard ever since, Ken understands what we need to do as a state to continue creating jobs and protecting our local economy. Most important, Ken knows that government doesn’t create jobs, the hard working people of Texas do. As our next State Representative, he’ll vote to remove burdensome regulations and to cut taxes on employers so they can afford to hire more local workers.

Illegal Immigration

Like you, Ken understands the need to crack down welfare payments to illegal immigrants and to protect our border. Studies have shown that about half of Texas’ immigrant population is on some kind of welfare. And with our state facing another budget shortfall, we just can’t afford these multi billion dollar costs anymore. Ken believes that illegal immigration is bankrupting our state and supports eliminating in-state tuition for illegal immigrants at Texas colleges and universities and denying welfare benefits to illegal immigrants. And to Ken, its common sense to think that employers should be verifying the immigration status of every employee. And as our State Representative, he’ll vote to continue to invest funds into putting boots on the ground to protect our border.

Pro-Life and Pro-Gun

Ken is 100% pro-life and 100% pro-gun.

Private Property Rights

Ken King believes strongly in our private property rights. As our State Representative, Ken has pledged to fight any policy that removes control of our water, mineral, or property rights, and shifts them to the state government in Austin. Ken believes the best way to solve our water disagreements is through local control rather than one-size-fits-all state mandates. And Ken will do what ever it takes to stop the EPA from using the Endangered Species Act to take land from local property owners.

Public Education

Before being elected to the Legislature, Ken served as President of his local school district board. This gives him a unique understanding of the problems facing our rural schools. And he believes strongly in the mission of providing the highest quality education for our children. Unfortunately, state government has taken too much control over how this system is funded and what’s being taught in the classroom. The solution is more local control. Ken was appointed to the House Committee on Public Education his first term in office.  This committee appointment gives him the opportunity to have a direct impact on decisions regarding Public Education.

Faith and Family

Ken and his family regularly attend First United Methodist Church.

The Kings are strong Christians, who rely heavily on their faith in God to guide them throughout their lives.