Texas House Passes School Finance Legislation

April 5, 2019

House Bill 3, joint-authored by Rep. Ken King, invests $9 billion in Texas classrooms to improve public education and provide property tax relief

AUSTIN, Texas — Wednesday, April 3, the Texas House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed House Bill 3 that invests $9 billion in Texas classrooms to boost student achievement, support teacher quality, reduce recapture and provide property tax relief. Following a full day of discussion on the House Floor, Rep. King voted in support of House Bill 3, which passed the House with 149 votes.

“We have come together, because we all have a common goal,” said King. “That is what the entire House did today and I am so proud of every member, it says a lot about the priority of the House.”

House Bill 3 is the first major rewrite of school finance laws undertaken without the threat of a court order, and it puts a stop to decades of patchwork fixes by creating a more equitable public education system.

“This is the fourth session that I have worked on school finance legislation, and I am so proud of the work that the House has done to make sure that this bill is an equitable system to improve our education system as a whole,” said King.

Representative King has served on the House Committee on Public Education for four consecutive sessions and served as a member of the Texas Commission on Public School Finance during the interim of the 85th Legislature.


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