New Committee to Investigate Panhandle Wildfires, Rep King named Chair

March 12, 2024

Austin – On Tuesday, March 12, Speaker Dade Phelan announced the creation of an Investigative Committee on the Panhandle Wildfires. Representative Ken King will serve as the Chair of this committee which will include Representatives Burrows and Hunter, as well as
community members Jason Abraham and Ashley Cash.

“The wildfires that swept across the Panhandle have devastated communities and I thank Speaker Phelan for creating this committee to look into our state’s response to these disasters,” said King. “I look forward to working with the committee to develop suggestions for legislation that will aid the local communities in fighting these fires, increase state response efforts and ensure that when these events occur, we have the resources in place to stop them from turning into the disasters we faced this year.”

The Investigative Committee on the Panhandle Wildfires has been tasked with investigating factors that contribute to wildfires, allocation of resources to and effectiveness of wildfire disaster preparedness and response, and coordination between local, state and federal governmental entities in regard to wildfire prevention, disaster preparedness and response.

“With increasing drought conditions, this matter is more important now than ever,” King stated. “It is my sincere belief that through the work of this committee, the 89th Legislature can put tools in place to help our communities prepare and fight against these wildfires.”

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